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Our feeding program targets communities in uganda and beyond that experience severe conditions of hunger and famine. Hunger in these communities causes conditions that include loss of lives. With your support we hope to provide food for communities in need during times of emergency and as the need arises.

Clean Water
Millions of people lack access to clean water in many communities. IUR continues to identify many of such communities in different parts of the globe. Our aim is to provide clean water to vulnerable communities, schools, hospitals and places of worship. By supporting this cause you help guarantee clean water access for many communities.

We firmly believe that education has the power to transform individuals and communities. Support this cause to assist in providing basic education needs to students in order to prepare them for their future as leaders.

In the spirit of giving during the holy month of Ramadan, our team reaches out to communities to provide food. During Suhoor and Iftar some families struggle to obtain food and basic necessities. Your kind support will enable us to make Ramadan an exciting spiritual month for all.

Our Qurbani program aims at giving individuals from less privileged communities the chance to experience the festivity of eid. Your support will enable IUR to continue providing Qurbani services to communities in need during Eid.

Our orphan village project is working on providing an educational facility for orphans. We are counting on your support in order to provide infrastructural development on this project.
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